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Leadership Innovation Blocks: Are These Happening to You?

Leadership Innovation Blocks: Image is walls of marble.

Leaders, are these leadership innovation blocks happening to you & your business teams? Many are not so obvious. Checklist fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Agility: Consistency & Agility Are NOT Enemies

Leadership Agility: Image is a slinky.

Leadership agility: Don’t confuse consistency w/ status quo & uniformity. Agility & consistency produce success amid change. The People Skills Coach™

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Change Leadership: Addressing Morale Issues When Aborting a Project | #pmot

Change Leadership: Image is an electric cord unplugged.

Change leadership: Picture employees committed to difficult project. What happens when you pull the plug? How to address morale fr The People Skills Coach™.

5 Essentials to Leading Hesitant & Courageous Employees

Courageous Employees: Image is a big ferris wheel.

Leaders & managers must address these essentials so hesitant & courageous employees can innovate together. Leadership tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

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Lead Smartly: 5 Dumb Denials Smart Leaders Reject | #Leadership

Lead Smartly: Image is May Angelou quote Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue consistently.

Smart leaders with emotional intelligence lead smartly by rejecting mistaken beliefs and dumb denials. Leadership essentials from The People Skills Coach™.

Change Leadership Beliefs or You’ll Change Nothing #peopleskills

Change Leadership Beliefs: Image is the phrase I Believe

Leaders, change leadership beliefs & your spur change/growth. Start with these 3 specific beliefs from The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Calls: Are You Truly Ready? #peopleskills

Leadership Calls: Image is paper weight on desk w/ pens sticking out of it.

Leadership calls: Are you ready to get closer & deeper to take everyone farther? How you respond to those you lead broadcasts your leadership readiness. New insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Choose the Positive Pollyanna! #peopleskills

Leadership: Image is cracked egg still smiling.

Can-do optimists bring more to leadership then you think. Hire & promote them to build a culture of service and innovation! New insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Are You Disruptive? #peopleskills #innovation

Leadership: Image is the word innovation.

Leadership research: To lead change don’t use the phrase disruptive innovation. Teams & customers need something else. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Optimism: Dreaming, Denial, or Discovery? #Peopleskills

Leadership optimism: Image is eye chart w/ big E for explore.

Leadership Optimism: Some see it as worthless dreaming. Others as denial of reality. Well optimism and realism are powerful partners. Leaders succeed when they use both to discover and succeed. The People Skills Coach™.

Leading Change: Are You Strong Enough Not to Leave Scars? #peopleskills

Leading Change: Image is a Stone Rippling Even Trails in Sand

Leading change takes inner strength that allows you as leaders to usher in change w/o leaving scars that slow success. Insights fr The People-Skills Coach™.

People Skills: Precursors to #Peopleskills Influence

People Skills: Precursors to Trust Image is Tree branch with other branchs growing from it.

People skills can influence others IF we take these steps to see others’ views and build trust. Fr The People-Skills Coach™. || Sales, service, teamwork, leadership.

Leadership: Change vs Inconsistency

Leadership: Change vs Inconsistency Image is a Changing World

Change vs inconsistency – successful leaders know the key differences & stop change resistors from misguiding everyone. Insight fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Change Leaders: The Beloved Bully Is Stopping You!

Change Leaders: Habit is the Beloved Bully.

Change leaders — all leaders — face one giant challenge in creating change: the beloved bully. Do you know what the beloved bully is? Here’s how to find it, oust it, and inspire change!

Leaders, Leading Change Within Yourself Changes Everything

Leaders, you don’t have to become a different person to effect positive change. Just make your actions accountable for your words. 5 experienced based insights fr The People-Skills Coach™.

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