People Skills Chat 12/15/13: Value Online Community? #peopleskills

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People continue to join online communities and it’s time to ask why? Join us in Twitter people skills chat this Sunday 10am ET (#peopleskills) to explore this 21st century trend. Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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Twitter & Texting – The Next Best Thing to ESP

Twitter & texting is incredibly valuable in expressing grief. Which is why, amid all the lamentation about technology killing personal interaction, I say bring it on. Here is guest blogger Pattie Roberts’ story.

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Older Job Seekers – Leverage You!

Baby Boomers & Gen X out of work? How will you compete with the younger workers for jobs? Leverage “you”. Prepare simple statements that explain why you over the younger workers. Samples …

Apply Yourself and then Apply for That Job!

How to get your special job with only 75% of the skills? My actionable advice is …