Customers’ Views Breathe Life Into Always Being Right Rule

Managers use this list to guide new employees on why the customer is always right & how to serve them well. The issue is not right/wrong — it is respect for insight and beyond. Read more …

Hotel Customer Loyalty: Easy Exceptions +

You’ve read that customer loyalty comes from service that’s easy for customers. In hospitality industry, customer loyalty comes from easy exceptions + read more …

Easy Does It for Customer Loyalty!

Every customer remembers, returns, and refers when the experience with you was easy. They remember moments. What do they remember about you? Don’t leave it to chance. Read more…

Listening Up – Lowest Cost Step to Customers’ Dollars

The lowest cost step to customers’ dollars is to listen up to the level of their expectations and deliver unique and memorable service! Over come these fears and empower your staff to go unique!

Customer Service Loyalty – The Connection!

Customers are loyal to great connections; cool and distant doesn’t connect. More advice to increase loyalty from Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach.

Use the Customers’ Jargon — Not Yours!

A recent experience brings me to this customer service reminder. When interacting with the customer, use the customer’s jargon not yours. Here’s a simple true story …

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