Engagement Currency: Do You Really Know Why Your Employees Work?

Engagement Currency: Image is diverse employees.

Leaders, build relationship engagement currency. Find out with these questions why your employees work. Secret to engagement fr The People Skills Coach™.

Sustaining Employee Morale in Adversity: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat June 14

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

Sustaining employee morale in adversity – what must leaders do? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ for #Peopleskills Twitter chat 6/14 10amEDT. | Leadership

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People Skills: The Secret Within Every Great Communicator! #peopleskills

People Skills: Image is the word "Motivation".

What is the secret motivation of great communicators? What inner need drives them to communicate well and what can we learn from it? Surprising insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leaders, Want Engaged Employees? Focus on Contentment.

Contentment is Not Endpoint. Image is churning water that look like clouds.

Leaders, contentment is not a lack of ambition. It is not an endpoint. It is necessary celebration before the next hurdle. Focus on it to engage employees.

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Develop Emotional Intelligence: Are You Using These Steps? #peopleskills

Develop emotional intelligence: Image is multi-colored funnel w/ 5 parts.

You can develop emotional intelligence without intuition. You develop other skills without it. 5 steps fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Combat Risky Apathy of Being Big

The business world continues to exalt the value of being big from mega-stores to big profits. Meanwhile it overlooks the apathy that comes with “big” & can kill success. Engage employees w/ these 6 tips.

Leaders, Best 4 Steps to Engage Employees’ Initiative

Employee engagement is not a wishy-washy idea. It is the tangible actions that unlock passion & know-how to achieve any goal. Leaders, build the BEST with these 4 steps.

Leaders, Engage Employees Through Entrepreneurial Spirit

There are many employees who want the security of a paycheck yet ache to contribute and learn more. Engage these 6 entrepreneurial traits in employees for innovative and transformational results in business.

What Do Workplace Pit Bulls Do to Accountability?

Have you ever had a leader pit bull your team thinking it would produce greater accountability? Ironically, it does the opposite. Here’s what workplace pit bulls do to accountability and a much better approach to inspire success.

Authenticity & Adaptation: Partners Not Enemies in Success

Authenticity and adaptability are both critical to success in business, leadership, and teamwork. Yet often people see these as mutually exclusive. They aren’t. They are partners not enemies in success. Read how to find the balance …

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Customer Service Will Innovate If Fear of Failure Low

Leaders tout innovation key to success in this decade. That has to include innovation at the front line of customer service and technical support. Are your front line team empowered to innovate and adapt to diverse customers’ needs? Read how …

Appreciating Individual Strengths: Does It Hurt Teamwork?

Individual strengths are one set of building blocks for a team’s success. Why then do so many leaders believe appreciating individual strengths hurts teamwork? This is an important questions since study after study shows that appreciation is the #1 motivator for so many employees? Read more …

What’s Your Inspiration to Care for Customers?

Leader after leader asks “How can we motivate our reps to deliver better customer care?” In this post, Kate Nasser says forget motivation — try this inspiration!

Motivate Mondays: How do you inspire at the start of the week?

This is a new ongoing blog post to collect and share great practical tips on starting the week off with a positive pop!! Please add your comments below so we can get this rolling.

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