Leadership Humility Myths Fears & Truths | #LeadMorale #PeopleSkills

Leadership Humility Myths: Image is tall check pieces and one bends.

Leadership humility myths and fears don’t have to stop you from leading well. Replace them with these truths. By Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

The Opposite of Leader is Not Follower | Leadership #PeopleSkills

Classic business wisdom states there are leaders and followers. Not true. There are leaders and influencers. Every employee is an influencer and when you live this truth you more easily reach success in business. Read more and share your thoughts in the comments field …

Customer Service Myths That Won’t Die!

Here are 4 harmful (and laughable) customer service myths that block potential success. Let’s finally bust these myths apart and recapture the potential they block! I hope you will add to the list any myths that I missed.

Thriving in Change: Scale Down to Step Up

In your professional life do you lead & handle change well or delay out of false hope or fear. People who thrive in change follow this simple idea. Read more …