National Customer Service Week

Customer Service Reps: Give Them The Greatest Gift

Give all customer service, customer care, and technical support analysts the greatest gift, customer friendly procedures and policies! Here are two examples of not so friendly procedures and what to learn from them. With National Customer Service Week coming on Oct. 4th, have your teams brainstorm improvements to breed truly memorable service.

National Customer Service Week – Celebrate People Skills!

National Customer Service Week post #2 – Celebrate people skills with a thought of the day. Here are 5 of mine and one from twitter friend Tristan Bishop. Please add your best thoughts for others to improve their people skills!!

Customer Service in Times of Change – Insights.

Recent customer service experience w/promoter of National Customer Service Week shed light on challenges of service & technical support in times of change. Here’s what happened and insights on change, change resistance, and rebuilding trust.

The Danger of Empowered Employees

Nimble companies win business. Lumbering, slow companies lose. Agile companies empower employees to make quick decisions that meet customer’s high expectations and changing business conditions. What happens when an empowered employee resists change and stops the new revenue stream?

The Customer Value Creed

Employees don’t inherently know the value of a customer. Share this Customer Value Creed w/your teams to inspire greater commitment during National Customer Service Week.

Customers Value – Contest.

Customers Value Contest – sponsored by Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach. Each of two winners will receive a $30 Amazon gift card. Submission Deadline: Aug. 31, 2009. Winners announced on Twitter during National Customer Service Week which starts Oct. 5, 2009. Submit via this blog.

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