Nourishing Words Not Punishing Punches: JOIN #PeopleSkillsChat June 30th

Workplace friendships: Image is People Skills Global Chat Logo

What does it take to use more nourishing words at work & everyday life? Value/impact? Join global #PeopleSkillsChat on Twitter SUN. June 30th 10am EDT w/ Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leaders: Replace the No Whining Sign w/ This | #Leadership #PeopleSkills

Leaders & managers, instead of demeaning people w/ “stop whining”, lead this way for results. Leadership insights fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Does Negative Feedback Drive You to These Reactions? | #PeopleSkills

Negative Feedback: Image is a mesh ping pong paddle.

Leaders, managers, teachers, doctors, and others: Do you minimize others when they give you negative feedback? Examples fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. | Leadership, Management, Customer Experience

People Skills: Replace The Deadly Don’t You Think | #PeopleSkills

Experience Dull Empathy: Image is T-shirt saying You're Stupid.

ONE word or phrase can mar career relationships & destroy your professional people-skills image. Leaders, team members, new grads — online or in person — replace this phrase with better alternatives!

Vigilance and Optimism: Explore in #Peopleskills Chat Feb. 1st

Positive People Skills Choices: Image is people skills logo.

JOIN #Peopleskills global Twitter chat to explore how vigilance and optimism affect teamwork and interactions. Host: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

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Dealing w/ Toxic People: Pleasures That Calm #peopleskills

In or outside of work, deal w/ toxic people by finding pleasure in frustration. Valuable tips from The People Skills Coach™ to get your calm on!

5 Ways to Prevent the Negative Effects of Being Positive #peopleskills

Negative Effects of Being Positive image is Smiley Face Cube Glowing

Is your positive attitude helping others? It can if you prevent the negatives effects of being too positive. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Positive Attitudes for Dealing w/ Toxic Leaders #peopleskills

Positive Attitudes: Image is the word Toxic w/ dollar signs around it.

Career: How can you survive and even thrive while working w/ toxic leaders? Try these positive attitudes fr The People Skills Coach™.

Trusting Authenticity: Are Negative People Easier to Trust? #PeopleSkills

Trusting Authenticity: Image is the words Truth and Lies

Trusting authenticity: Many say negativity is easier to trust for 6 reasons. But w/ these 7 steps, a highly positive attitude can be just as authentic.

Leadership Challenge: How Long Do You Coach a Bad Attitude?

Excellence: Image is Good Better Best Excellence

Leadership challenge I am often asked: How Long Do You Coach a Bad Attitude? You don’t. You inspire positive attitudes to success. Here’s why and how.

People Skills Global Chat: Are You Constructive or Constrictive? #peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

How do you seem to others? Are You Constructive or Constrictive? JOIN people skills global chat Sun. 2/2/14 Twitter 10am EST Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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People Skills Twitter Chat Sunday: Convert Difficult Moments

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join people skills Twitter chat (#peopleskills) Sun March 24th 10am ET/2pm GMT. TOPIC: Converting difficult interactions. Host Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™.

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Super Customer Experience on the Road of Transparency

Here’s a current story of old time sales manipulation that backfired but good. 5 quick positive lessons to ensure your business wins big w/ customers. Travel the road of transparency and create lasting memories of trust that build your brand!

5 Psychologically Uncomfortable Career Shaping Opportunities

People focus on major career shaping milestones & overlook psychologically uncomfortable opportunities. Here are 5 worthy ones from The People-Skills Coach™.

Leaders, Best 4 Steps to Engage Employees’ Initiative

Employee engagement is not a wishy-washy idea. It is the tangible actions that unlock passion & know-how to achieve any goal. Leaders, build the BEST with these 4 steps.

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