Passion to Care

Service Leaders: Serving Well vs. Loving to Serve | #Leadership #Custserv

Service Leaders: Image is thought bubble w/ a brain.

Service leaders, loving to serve outpaces serving well. Here’s why. By Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ | Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Morale

Customer Service: When You Hear Spaghetti, Don’t Serve Veal

Guest blogger, Pattie Roberts, recounts a personal story that so many can experience in their personal life and in frustrating customer service situations. Here’s one important listening lesson. Can you answer her question?

Hiring My Pleasure Employees for Super Customer Experience

Job candidates for customer service & care that use the phrase my pleasure & no problem can shine. If you understand what these phrases really mean, you will not mistake it for selfishness. Hire this natural talent for super customer experience & self-sustaining morale!

Leaders: Fuel the Passion Discipline Duo

Igniting passion and engaging employees is touted as THE success factor. It’s one. The other is discipline. Leaders – here’s how to fuel both in your teams.

Kate Nasser Keynote Footage: Passion for Customer Service

View this keynote footage of Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, on The Geography of Customer Service and Sales in America. Do your teams have the passion for serving customers?