Dealing w/ Difficult People: JOIN #PeopleSkills Global Chat Aug. 19th

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Dealing w/ Difficult People is our #PeopleSkills global chat topic Aug. 19th 10amEDT. JOIN host Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & global community to learn/share.

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Parents Changing Roles & Interactions: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat May 14th

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Parents changing roles as children grow impact interactions between them. Then as parents age, adult children’s roles change and impact interactions again. JOIN Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ #PeopleSkills global Twitter chat Sun. May 14th 10amEDT to explore.

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Leadership Attack Responses: Smart Effective Options

Leadership Attack Responses: Image is round blue lights and one red one in the middle.

Leadership attack responses: 5 Smart effective options, besides attacking back, for leaders in responding to verbal attacks. Latest fr The People Skills Coach™.

Modern Leadership & Teamwork: Be Selfless Not Faceless | #peopleskills

Modern leadership & teamwork: Image is faceless mannequins.

Modern leadership requires far more giving & employee engagement. Yet it doesn’t mean being faceless. Key differences fr The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Success Radar: Discover Your Empathy | #leadership

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People skills success: Find & unleash your empathy for leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, customer service. Guide map from The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Topic: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat on Patience Dec. 21st!

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The people skills topic of patience is always worth exploring & practicing! JOIN The People Skills Coach™ for Twitter #peopleskills chat on patience – Sunday Dec. 21st 10amET.

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Leadership Mirage: Do You See Patience or Inaction?

Leadership Mirage: Image is Runners in setting sun.

Leaders, avoid the threat of the leadership mirage that confuses patience with inaction. Critical steps fr The People Skills Coach™.

Simply Great Choices Create Super Customer Experience

When you get frustrated with customer behavior, are you tempted to respond badly? Call centers, contact centers, customer care teams, technical support departments — here is the antidote to your frustration! Here are 7 common situations and simply great choices.