Employee Engagement: Leaders, Do You Inspire Change & Growth?

Employee Engagement: Image are gold stars.

Leaders, in your employee engagement efforts do you inspire your employees to grow from each other & from outside experts? You need both to change & succeed. Here are tips on helping your teams to become comfortable with outside experts.

Employee Engagement: Engage Through Connection Not Status #Peopleskills

Employee Engagement: Image is Red Carpet Roped Off

Leaders, beware this one behavior that threatens employee engagement. Good news: It’s easy to fix! Short post w/ clear message from The People-Skills Coach™.

Leadership People Skills: Questions vs Questioning Our Authority

Leadership People Skills: Image is question marks w/ talk bubbles

Leaders do you truly welcome questions? Do teams welcome them from each other or mistrust and resist? Consider these 5 moments & leadership people skills to solve them. Experienced based insights from The People-Skills Coach™.

People Skills: Essentials to Seeing Others’ Views #Peopleskills

People Skills: Image is Telescope

You don’t need ESP nor a telescope nor microscope to see & understand others’ views. You do need these 6 essentials. Insight fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Leadership #PeopleSkills: How to Spot Fake Zeal

Leadership People Skills: Image is 2+2=5.

Leaders, can you tell if your team’s zeal is real? Fake zeal risks org. success. Leadership people skills can show you the true picture. Here are 6 key signs.

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Customer Service Teams & Controversy: Leaders Are You Ready?

Customer Service Teams: Image is a Taxi as in the story.

Leaders, do you know if your customer service teams will take sides in midst of controversy? True story, effect on customers, people skills lessons learned. Don’t let this happen on your watch!!!

People Skills: Change ONE Unfortunate Word for Great #Peopleskills

People Skills: Image is the word "OOPS"

Professional relationships & the outcomes are slowly built & quickly broken. ONE unfortunate word to change to increase trust! Tip fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership People Skills: Lead Quietly w/ Courage to Roar

Leadership People Skills: Image is Statue of Greek Woman Goddess

Leadership people skills guide leaders to engage the talent hired for max success. Leaders, here’s how to balance your strengths and theirs w/o directing!

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Customer Experience Leaders: Are You Leading Cattle Call?

Customer Experience Leaders: Image is little cattle figures lined up.

Customer experience leaders, have you gotten so focused on big picture & profit, that you treat customers like a cattle call? Simple ways to check & fix.

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People Skills Chat: Impact of Pace & Time on #PeopleSkills

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Join People Skills Twitter Chat May 19, 2013 “Impact of Intercultural & Personality Type Pace & Time Differences” Host Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™ & Co-host of this topic Guillaume Gevrey (@ggevrey).

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People Skills Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us on #PeopleSkills

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Join special Mother’s Day 2013 People Skills Twitter Chat “What Our Mothers Taught Us.” Host Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™. 10am EDT 7am PDT & 3pm UK. Hashtag #Peopleskills. Bring your family wisdom of the ages and share the memories from your moms, grandmoms (nanas), Godmothers, and all who have guided you!

People Skills: Precursors to #Peopleskills Influence

People Skills: Precursors to Trust Image is Tree branch with other branchs growing from it.

People skills can influence others IF we take these steps to see others’ views and build trust. Fr The People-Skills Coach™. || Sales, service, teamwork, leadership.