Leadership People Skills Step to COVID-19 Recovery | #PeopleSkills #COVID19

Leadership People Skills Step to Crisis Recovery: Image is an open blank journal w/ pencil.

Vital proactive leadership people skills step to crisis recovery: Capture employee experience in real time during the crisis. Here’s how fr Kate Nasser,The People Skills Coach™

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First Career Job: How to Not Be Pigeon-Holed | #CareerTips #DreamBig

First Career Job: Image is Train Tracks leading through opened sided tressle bridge

How to not be pigeon-holed in/by first career job. Insights fr former techie turned people skills coach Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Entrepreneur.

Embrace Change w/ These Remarkable Leadership Traits & People Skills

Embrace Change: Image is vivid colored flower w/ many inside petals.

To embrace change & lead it, build & tap these remarkable traits & skills. Growth checklist fr Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ | Leadership Lead Morale

Customer Experience Leadership: What Customers Wish We’d Do | #CX

Customer Experience Leadership: Image is round band with the word hope on it.

As we explore customer experience leadership, it’s amazing how much we learn from asking the simple question, What do customers wish we would do? The answers to this question ensure that our customer experience leadership focuses on what truly matters to customers. So let’s look at those answers! Image by Michael W. May via Flickr […]

Proactive #Leadership: Is Problem Prevention Unpopular?

Proactive Leadership: Image is flip chart paper w/ words Problem Prevention

Why do leaders commit resources to solving problems yet less for preventing them. Here are several reasons & how to use more proactive leadership.