Leaders, 12 Worthy Kudos to Spark Employee Engagement

Leaders, we can spark employee engagement with worthy kudos of employees’ natural strengths and talents. It’s a no cost and high return investment. Here are 12 and I hope you will add more!

People-Skills Morale: Proud or Impressed?

Leaders, corporate managers, business owners, & parents of teenagers, your words of recognition can foster morale or fizzle out. Succeed w/ONE word change.

Best & Worst Customer Experience: From Known to Unknown

In times of change, do your customers experience “becoming an unknown” after being treated as known valued customers? Avoid this serious business risk with these steps to prevent “un-knowing” your customers.

Appreciating Individual Strengths: Does It Hurt Teamwork?

Individual strengths are one set of building blocks for a team’s success. Why then do so many leaders believe appreciating individual strengths hurts teamwork? This is an important questions since study after study shows that appreciation is the #1 motivator for so many employees? Read more …

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