Leadership #Peopleskills: Leading & Inspiring Through Shame?

Leadership: Image is stick figure leader shaming employees.

Leadership: When CEO Chairman of AOL Inc. publicly shamed AOL’s Abel Lenz, he made a mistake that leaders can avoid this way. Insights from The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership People Skills: Successful Leaders Choose AND Not Or

Leadership People Skills: Picture is Ampersand

Leadership people skills need AND type thinking not either/or thinking. Here are 7 key areas where AND thinking brings your leadership people skills to life to engage employee commitment for tremendous results! What “AND” will you add to this list?

Unfolding Leadership: Results Through Reflection & Awareness

Leaders, your efforts in self-awareness are not a time wasting detour from success. In this interview, consultant Dan Oestreich notes the impact of reflection and awareness on leadership results.

Driver Leaders’ Success: 3 Threats to Remove

Are you a driver type personality or do you know one? Driver type leaders deliver success yet can leave a bad impression with those they lead. Here are 3 common sense steps fr The People-Skills Coach™ for drivers to turn negative into positive and engage employees for success.

Leaders, 6 Positive Replies to Transform Complaints into Action

Leaders and managers, are you frustrated w/ employees who chronically complain? Here are 6 positive replies fr The People-Skills Coach™ that engage employees. Transform complaints into action and guide all to success!

Leaders, 5 Legacy Attitudes to Replace for Employee Engagement

Traditional leadership beliefs hang on and squelch employee engagement, so needed to reach results. If you still hold these 5 attitudes, replace them for maximum success.

Hiring My Pleasure Employees for Super Customer Experience

Job candidates for customer service & care that use the phrase my pleasure & no problem can shine. If you understand what these phrases really mean, you will not mistake it for selfishness. Hire this natural talent for super customer experience & self-sustaining morale!

Teamwork Gems & Newly Defined Create Startling Results

Create superior results from teamwork for your company w/ a 21st century definition of teamwork and these 4 gems of advice. Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach.

Professional Workplace People Skills: Smart Communication

Your communication at work — be it a large corporation or mid-size business — does more than impart information. Replace 3 classic communication missteps with these smart steps and use these people skills lessons for results in teamwork, customer service, sales, and leadership.

Sales & Customer Service Leaders: 3 Green Principles

Sales & Customer Service Leaders – We can learn many things from the green movement and apply those lessons to sales and customer service. Here are 3 principles that will sustain and renew our businesses with financial ($ green) success!

Leaders, Moving From Peer to Boss: Feelings vs. Results

New leaders and many frontline leaders sometimes get trapped in the choice between their former peers’ feelings and reaching results. This is a fake choice. Effective leaders breed great results by inspiring members to care about results while respecting them as people. Here are 6 steps to success as you transition from peer to boss.

Successful People Skills: See Opportunity in Gray Zone

It is often said that successful people develop and practice great habits and are willing to do things others won’t do. To this list I add, successful people explore the gray zone of thoughts and convert to black/white results. How good are you at this? Read more …

Best Ways Leaders Address Conflict for Best Teamwork Results

Conflict occurs on teams. Leaders ask for the Best Ways to Address and Handle Conflict for the Best Teamwork Results. Try these proven best practices …

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