Customer Experience Big Data Retailers: Punish or Perish? #cx #custserv

Customer Experience Big Data: Image is Swaddled Smurf says customer care.

Online retailers’ big choice about customer experience big data — punish or build loyalty? Read what successful retailers see as the true choice.

Customer Service Leaders: Are Your Limits Actually Roadblocks?

Every service function has certain structure & limits. Yet when customers experience useless hoops to jump through they jump ship. Here’s how to keep ’em.

Simply Great Choices Create Super Customer Experience

When you get frustrated with customer behavior, are you tempted to respond badly? Call centers, contact centers, customer care teams, technical support departments — here is the antidote to your frustration! Here are 7 common situations and simply great choices.

Super Opportunity to Improve Every Customer Experience Survey

Leaders: What does your customer experience survey tell your customers about your philosophy? Consider this super opportunity to improve it with these 6 changes.

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