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Business Marketing: 7 #PeopleSkills Mistakes to Easily Avoid

Business Marketing People Skills Blunders: Image is Withered flower blossoms.

Business marketing & networking: Avoid these people skills mistakes that have sunk others’ success. Easy effective tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Entrepreneurial Success From Great Social Media Finds #business

Entrepreneurial Success: Image is laptop, pen, paper, coffee cup etc...

Examples of entrepreneurial success via social media! From the great logo designs of Kimb Manson to getting new customers, social media makes it happen.

A World Gone Social: Truths Beneath the Trends w/ @TedCoine & @MarkSBabbitt

A World Gone Social: Image is the book cover.

A World Gone Social is a powerful new book by Ted Coiné and Mark S. Babbitt on embracing social media for maximum ROI. Interview by The People Skills Coach™.

The Rewards of Courtesy: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat SUN. Sept. 14th

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

What are the true rewards of courtesy in business? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ in global Twitter chat SUN. 9/14 10am EDT on the value of courtesy.

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Career Communication: Playing Can Be Hazardous #peopleskills

Career Communication: Image is man seriously studying a game.

Career communication: Be careful of appearing too whimsical. To be taken seriously avoid using THIS phrase in business. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Respect Copyrights: Leaders Are You Teaching How? |#HR #Leadership

Respect Copyrights: Image is Gold Copyright Symbol

Key questions to teach employees & students how to respect copyrights. Great info for leaders, managers, professors, administrators, & HR.

Reveal Your Social Media #Peopleskills Lessons Learned – Chat Feb. 9th

Nonverbal Communication Cues: Image is People Skills Chat Logo

What have you learned about online interactions? Reveal your social media lessons learned in #Peopleskills Twitter chat w/ The People Skills Coach™ Feb. 9th 10am ET.

People Skills Chat 12/15/13: Value Online Community? #peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

People continue to join online communities and it’s time to ask why? Join us in Twitter people skills chat this Sunday 10am ET (#peopleskills) to explore this 21st century trend. Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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Modern People Skills Reminders for Social Media Greatness #peopleskills

Modern People Skills: Image is sign "Strangers Hall"

Civility enhances interaction because it cushions it with respect. Try these modern people skills tips from The People-Skills Coach™ on social media and beyond — especially when interacting with people who don’t know you well!

#PeopleSkills Chat 8/4/13: 21st Century Communication Choices

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Communication choices abound. What is the impact of so many communication mechanisms on people skills? Join The People-Skills Coach™ & community for #Peopleskills Twitter chat this Sunday Aug. 4, 2013 at 10am EDT!

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People Skills Secret to Success: Uninvited Bluntness Loses

People Skills: Image is the word TRUST

People skills gives your occupational skills the power to succeed with others. Here’s a true story fr The People-Skills Coach™ to illustrate the potential. Vote here which approach you like better.

People Skills Twitter Chat Sunday: Social Media #Peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join People Skills Twitter Chat SUN March 10th at 10am EDT/3pm GMT. Explore topic of people skills in social media. Discuss online communication & manners. Have fun and ban one online behavior that really irks you! All are welcome. 10am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time/ 3pm GMT.

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People Skills Integrity & Authenticity

People Skills Integrity Shown as Mountain Spring

The phrase people skills elicits different responses. Some picture evils of manipulation. Others, caring influence. The difference and the good news fr The People Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Service: Remove the Threat of One Phrase

Mislabelled Personality Conflict: Image is cracked eggs.

A popular phrase used today by customer service leaders and business owners threatens the integrity of our service profession. Here’s a winning alternative fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Super Customer Experience: Are Your Teams Tooled & Ready?

In this age of instant information, customers define a super customer experience partly as quick access to info. Are your front line teams ready? Are your agents and technical support analysts all tooled with information? Here’s a checklist.

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