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Social Media Networking: Are You Using These People Skills? | #PeopleSkills

Social Media Networking: Image is Missing Puzzle Piece Says Trust

Social media networking tips from The People Skills Coach™: Discover how the people skills pros use social media to build trust and boost business.

Social Networking People Skills: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat 4/26

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

Social networking takes more than social media. JOIN People Skills global Twitter chat (#peopleskills) April 26 10am EDT to explore beyond the media! Hosting in my absence is Chantal Bechervaise. Thanks Chantal!!

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Reveal Your Social Media #Peopleskills Lessons Learned – Chat Feb. 9th

Nonverbal Communication Cues: Image is People Skills Chat Logo

What have you learned about online interactions? Reveal your social media lessons learned in #Peopleskills Twitter chat w/ The People Skills Coach™ Feb. 9th 10am ET.

People Skills Integrity & Authenticity

People Skills Integrity Shown as Mountain Spring

The phrase people skills elicits different responses. Some picture evils of manipulation. Others, caring influence. The difference and the good news fr The People Skills Coach™.

When Your Career or Business Takes Off, Do You?

As your career, business or life gets busy, do you turn a blind eye to all those who helped you — even when they were busy? You may have busy blindness and here’s the cure.

After the C-Suite: From Leader to Influencer

C-Suite executives often go on to consult, teach, or lead non-profit orgs. Success after the corporate C-Suite requires this shift and these skills …