Team Synergy: How to Contribute Talents w/o Showing Off #Teamwork

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Team Synergy: How to Share Your Talents Without Showing Off. Tangible tips from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ Author, Leading Morale

Your Human Strengths w/ Others: JOIN Global #PeopleSkillsChat Sun. July 25th

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How do your human strengths help or challenge your interaction? Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ in Twitter global #PeopleSkillsChat Sun. July 25th 10am EDT.

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Positive Personal Power: JOIN Global #PeopleSkillsChat SUN. Sept 29th

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Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & community for Twitter global #PeopleSkillsChat. Sun Sept 29th 10am ET TOPIC Positive Personal Power | Leadership, Teamwork, Mutuality

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Being Neutral Weaknesses & Strengths: JOIN #PeopleSkills Global Chat Feb. 12

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Is being neutral selfish & lazy or important in human dynamics? JOIN #People Skills global Twitter chat Feb. 12th 10amET/3pmGMT to explore w/ The People Skills Coach™ and global community.

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Leadership: Discover the Strength of Balance

Strength of Balance: Image is Japanese multi level structure.

We rely on our strengths to succeed in leadership and teamwork. Yet to truly succeed, develop the strength of balance. Latest from The People Skills Coach™. Read more …

Beneath the Exterior, What Do Leaders See in You?

If you want career success, ask yourself what leaders and others actually see in you? Then realize that your own perspective is often very different than the outside view. Here are 3 steps to closing that gap and finding true career happiness & success.

Appreciating Individual Strengths: Does It Hurt Teamwork?

Individual strengths are one set of building blocks for a team’s success. Why then do so many leaders believe appreciating individual strengths hurts teamwork? This is an important questions since study after study shows that appreciation is the #1 motivator for so many employees? Read more …