Customer Service: Turn Sudden Relationships into Bonds | #custserv #cx

Customer Service Relationships to Bonds: Image is Door Cracked Open.

Customer service is a case of sudden relationship.. CSRs, agents, and tech support analysts build rapport while solving problems. The best use these 8 steps to overcome the lack of trust and understanding that longer term relationships enjoy.

Serendipity & Chance Meetings: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Jan. 24th

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Has serendipity & chance meetings affected your life/work? Or do we engineer what happens to us? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ Jan. 24th 10amET/7amPT/3pmGMT in #Peopleskills global Twitter chat to share your view and learn others.

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7 Do-or-Die Questions to Succeed as the Sudden Leader

You’ve heard the title before: interim leader or acting manager. I dub this position sudden leader because the need often arises suddenly and is quite often temporary. Sudden interim leaders often don’t know those they will lead or they know them as peers. They are tapped to fill a gap and thrust with no trust. […]

Sudden Teamwork: The Voices of Success

Leaders, do your teams speak up to make your corporate projects and business a success? If they have known each other awhile, sure. But what happens when people don’t know each other very well? Capture all possible success by tapping the voices of success even with sudden teamwork. Read more …