People-Skills: The E of Email Does Not Mean Emotion

Email is alive and well. Are the people who received your last email? Or did you write an emotion mail instead of an email? We can use these 4 tips to convert from emotional to effective! Add your best tips to the list.

What Do Workplace Pit Bulls Do to Accountability?

Have you ever had a leader pit bull your team thinking it would produce greater accountability? Ironically, it does the opposite. Here’s what workplace pit bulls do to accountability and a much better approach to inspire success.

Leadership Without Needless BS

In tough times, leaders use their experience to filter out bullshit. What’s a new leader or manager to do? Here are 10 points to boost their experience to lead change better. What will you add to this experience booster to help new leaders?

Turn 5 Collaboration Sinkers into Stimulants

What we say can stimulate or sink innovative collaboration. Here are 4 real life examples of collaboration sinkers turned into stimulants with great people skills for outstanding results. Add your perspective to creating winning collaboration!

Detect Workplace Change Resistance Like Sam Spade

Leaders and managers, with a few steps you can learn to spot hidden change resistance. Steer the toughest organizational change around these roadblocks.

Conversations Conquer Meeting Frustration

People don’t categorically dread conversations the way they dread meetings. Use this simple conversational technique to make your next meeting effective, memorable, and less frustrating!

People-Skills: Confuse Before Bad News?

When you must deliver bad news, do you first confuse? Is your own discomfort twisting your message? You may tell yourself that you are thinking of the other person yet read this first before you decide …

A Manager’s People Skills Dilemma – What Would You Do?

Leaders and managers often follow the rule praise in public, correct in private. Makes sense for individual work performance. Yet what do you do when one worker demeans teammates in a public setting like a meeting?

Manager as Workplace Coach: Conflict of Interest?

Do you have an employee — a direct report — with an attitude problem: Negative, complaining, non-collaborative, self-focused etc…? What are you doing about it? If you have decided to coach them — yourself — read these 3 cautions first.

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