Leadership and Friendship Possible? Share in #Peopleskills Chat June 29

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Leadership and friendship: Is it a good thing? Is it possible? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community in Twitter #Peopleskills chat June 29th 10am EDT and share your view and experiences.

Leading Leaders: Remove The Backfire of Ambush

Leaders, do you really walk the talk or weaken in the face of employee resistance? Do you ambush your managers as a result? Here’s a true case study from The People-Skills Coach™ highlighting 6 critical effects on bottom line results.

A Winning Response to Customers’ Complaints About Teammates

Customer facing employees, service reps, and technical support reps often feel torn when customers’ criticize and complain about their service teammates. There is no need to be stuck in the middle. Here are 3 key reminders to generate a winning response and re-secure loyal customer connections.

CIOs, Resolve IT Customer Service Threat – Blocked Teamwork

CIOs, the threat to IT customer service is not technical mindset – it’s blocked teamwork. Customers want productivity: prevent problems or unite to solve. Consider these 3 blocks and how to remove them.

New Leaders, 10 Gritty Questions to Define Teamwork

New leaders, how do you define teamwork? Beyond the common expectation of working together to achieve the end result, there are much deeper issues to address. Think them through with these 10 gritty questions to be ready to lead your teams!

No Cost Team Building Walks In Every Monday

Leaders and managers often overlook the no cost team building that ignites productivity. Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™ shares 3 welcome tips. Read more …

People Skills in Technical Professions, Why?

Some technical professionals embrace the value of people skills, others don’t. All want to know what these skills deliver to the end result. Here’s 3 solid answers.

Bury These 4 Phrases for Best Teamwork & People-Skills

Phrases that team members see as disrespectful (regardless of your intentions) can hurt teamwork and your workplace relationship. Bury these four phrases … What other phrases would you bury?

Smart Answers to Handle Jealous Office Teammates

Does dealing with jealous office teammates get you down? No need. Here are smart answers that refocus your emotion and keep your teamwork spirit engaged. Add your smart answers to this list.

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