Customer Service Inspiration for Training the Best

As we near the end of National Customer Service Week 2010, the endless demand for superior service lives on. To help train for the best, I offer these customer service inspirational thoughts. Let them retool your teams’ skills, revive your spirit, and refuel your engines so that daily work becomes a daily celebration with customers. There are 9 thoughts — please add your #10!

Outsourced Call Centers – Training to Satisfy USA Customers

Call Centers – There is no such thing an American (USA) customer. There are 9 USA regional differences which you can learn to satisfy this large customer base.

The Best CSR Mindset and Training to Deal with Irate Customers

The Best CSR attitude and training for handling and dealing with irate customers is based in the ability to stay objective. Here are two surefire ways to not take customer’s anger personally.

Team Building: Spring Training for Best Teamwork Results

Corporate teams are reeling from the massive change of the last two years. Boost their morale with these spring training team building exercises for best teamwork results.

The Best CSRs Training Crosses Borders – Canada, USA, and More

Technology connects CSRs and customers in different countries. For this to work, the CSRs must adapt to cultural and regional differences. Here are two solid examples and a training DVD to help.

ACE Your Next Customer Service Moment

I viewed sample footage from a customer service training video. It advises you to give an irate customer something specific — like a form to fill out! I laughed so hard I couldn’t find the stop button. In this article I deal you the ACE for delivering top-notch customer service.

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