Lead Ourselves: Finally Conquer Hopeless Why Bother Beliefs

Lead Ourselves: Image is quote about the persistence of a mosquito

Lead ourselves: What does it take to stay inspired & conquer the hopeless why bother voice? Inspiration fr Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ & colleagues Alli Polin, Jon Mertz, Terri Klass.

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Customers Speak: We’ll Train You on What We Want & Deserve! #custserv

Customers Speak: Image is the letter E.

Customers speak & agree on what we all want & deserve. Our stories are no cost customer service training if you listen! Fr The People Skills Coach™.

Sudden Teamwork: The Voices of Success

Leaders, do your teams speak up to make your corporate projects and business a success? If they have known each other awhile, sure. But what happens when people don’t know each other very well? Capture all possible success by tapping the voices of success even with sudden teamwork. Read more …