Team Cohesion: Eureka, Leadership Finally Found It Here! #peopleskills

Team Cohesion: Here’s Where We Finally Found It!

Team Cohesion: Image is two animated mushrooms bowing to each other.

Team Cohesion: Here’s where we found it. Image licensed from

The leader called me and his frustration about his organization was immediately clear. He wanted and needed team cohesion and all his efforts had fallen short.

Team chartering, one-on-one meetings, personality type assessments, and team building exercises did not bring team cohesion. He exclaimed, “When I was in the military, we all went through hell together and stuck together! What’s wrong with these folks here? We have a common purpose yet we’re not together.”

As he described the challenges, I knew where we would and would not find team cohesion for his organization.

You don’t find true team cohesion in …

  • Common business purpose
  • Orders from the leader
  • Pressured deadlines
  • Extreme team building challenges

These things can create short term teamwork results. They don’t create team cohesion. The leader thought of “surviving hell together in the military” as a common purpose that created team cohesion. It wasn’t a common purpose. It was a deeply shared human need.

Team cohesion is found in a deeply shared human need.

For this team, that need was respect!

Respect for everyone’s views and talents …

  • Retains the diversity that teams need for success
  • Builds, rebuilds, and sustains in difficult times
  • Initiates communication that bursts assumptions
  • Makes learning safe and worth the risk
  • Invites collaboration for the reward of recognition

When you look back at the generations that comprised and led the workforce from 1945-1985, they grew up during the depression, World War II or were raised by those who did. Commitment to survive together became a way of life that became team cohesion at work.

Both my father, raised during the depression, and my mother twenty years his junior and raised during World War II, taught us commitment and cohesion. We believed it, lived it, and took that to work. So did everyone at work. We lived a shared human need for survival.

Today, survival is no longer the shared human need that creates team cohesion. Respect and appreciation often is!

What is the shared human need that will create team cohesion in your organization?

I can help you find it. Let’s do it soon!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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