Team Harmony: Leaders, Are You Needlessly Sacrificing Great Results? #LeadMorale

Team Harmony: Do you think it’s at odds with great results!

It doesn’t have to be. When teams are united in their goal and are willing to adapt to reach it, you can have both team harmony and great results.

Yet leaders who are very focused on team harmony and morale, sometimes sacrifice great results to keep morale and harmony alive. This is unnecessary and risky.

Team Harmony: Image are zen rocks stacked but tipping.

Team Harmony: Leaders, Are You Sacrificing Greatness? Image by Alexandra Stevenson via Flickr.

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These leaders tolerate and accept …

  • Low performance issues to avoid any upset vs. addressing issues through engagement, coaching, re-assignments, or dismissals.

  • Change resistance of a few instead of leading all team members through it.

  • The pessimist’s constant negativity instead of asking them for creativity, alternatives, and solutions.

Leadership: Great Results and Team Harmony!

Leaders, you don’t have to choose between team harmony/morale and great results.

  1. Bring out the best performance of each team member by making them aware of where they need to improve. Improvement starts with awareness, grows with coaching and training, and finishes with individual ownership and commitment. Team members can coach each other by sharing insights, expertise, and encouragement. This builds both team harmony and great results.

  2. Know the difference between true change resistors and people grappling with change. True change resistors argue endlessly against the change. People grappling with change ask how-to questions, contribute ideas to discussions, and take action to achieve it.

    Once you spot true change resistors, make it clear what different behaviors are needed. To lead change, you must be willing to teach, guide, and call everyone to high expectations. Be ready to make changes in team make-up if resistors continue to resist. Team harmony and morale sustain themselves when everyone is contributing instead of resisting.

  3. Have the team discuss the difference between skepticism and pessimism. What words and actions distinguish the two? There is a fair amount of confusion about it. Skeptics raise healthy questions about risk, possibilities, and pathways. They keep reality in focus and hope and optimism alive.

    Ardent pessimists are saying no. They close the door instead of opening new ones with appropriate caution. Left unchecked, they can crush both team harmony/morale and great results.

  4. Now for the tough one!

  5. Replace managers who are consistently negative, highly change resistant, or very insecure and arrogant. If you want team harmony/morale and great results, the managers leading the teams must be open to change, able to engage others, and both optimistic and realistic. Teams dealing with highly negative, insecure, arrogant, change resistant managers have lower team harmony/morale and weaker results. These managers determine the speed and distance your organization can travel and the results it can achieve.

What front line management behaviors do you find most important to team harmony and great results?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Team Harmony: Leaders, Are You Needlessly Sacrificing Great Results? #LeadMorale”

  1. Khalid says:

    Fab as usual.

    I would add empowerment. Can the team work independently without the need for approvals?

    I once bought kids meal for my kids and asked for extra tissues within the box the lady serving me said that she can’t give me more because “the policy” states one tissue per meal box!

    Now when you put such silly policy, you cross the team arms from creating value through reaching result which is server kids meal to customers!

    Thanks for the enlightment Kate 🙂


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