“Thank you very much for all the info you shared on the coaching call with us last week. All this new info will be used and we all felt we got a positive attitude adjustment!”

“We have had the pleasure of having Kate address our members on two occasions, the first time we called on her skills were in the customer service arena, most recently she brought us on a treasure hunt for great teamwork. Kate’s insight into the concepts that make teamwork actually work combined with her dynamic presence made for a terrific experience for the NJTC members.”




“Customer service, communications, and people management training and consulting fill a crowded space. But, some people stand out high above the others. Kate Nasser is one of those people. Kate has deep knowledge and insight, cultivated in large corporate organizations, that she shares with conviction. I can always count on her to bring fresh, high energy, idea-filled sessions to our events, where she consistently ranks among the top ten.

Her sessions inspire managers — and front line service representatives alike — with innovative and relevant ideas. Her workshop activities are purposeful and fun, which guarantees that learning takes place. I greatly respect her uncommon trustworthiness and integrity, and highly recommend Kate to help your service teams turn good performance into stellar performance.


“Kate – We met last week at the HDI conference. I attended one of your sessions “Conversations with Customers: Best & Worst Moments”. I really enjoyed it. In fact, it was one of my favorite sessions – really pertinent information that I can truly use.”

“I have been a professional speaker for 37 years and the topics of customer service and team-building have become old and tired…that is until Kate Nasser came along.  She has been able to take two otherwise passé subjects and give them a fresh approach that certainly fits well with the new thinking in business in the 21st century. 

I have known Kate for quite some time, and she has proven to be not only a consummate professional on stage, but a good friend as well.  She has a bright, cheery and very positive disposition and no one, and I mean no one, will go wrong in hiring her to bring a freshness and sparkle into the venue and get everyone involved in wanting to learn from her.  She has many “gifts” and gives them freely to her audiences.”

“Kate, It was nice to meet you and hear you speak at NJTC. You really are inspiring.  Several self improvement ideas came to mind during your presentation.”

“Kate is one of the most deep thinking customer service professionals I have ever had the opportunity to meet. She will elevate your business and employees to the next level. Great results, expert, creative.”

“It was indeed a pleasure to meet you recently.  I truly enjoyed hearing you speak at the Professional Club Marketing Association meeting held at Hawke Point Country Club.  I believe your talent and professional knowledge of diverse personality types led to an exemplary discussion on developing and improving our sales approach with the diverse clientele we all encounter within our industry. I look forward to applying these new skills throughout our peak sales season at the country club I represent!”

“I enjoyed the training sessions and still feel that you are the best trainer on Client Support I have ever met. I also received copies of the evaluations and was very pleased to see that everyone found the training quite valuable.”

“I had amazing feedback on your session, so this is definitely something we will want to run again!”

“As you recall, in the early days of this most recent consulting arrangement, territorial issues often got in the way of progress; however, your innovative style (rather than a structured process) resulted in some breakthrough thinking among the group. In addition, you very easily adapted concepts and processes which had worked for you with other clients to get us on track, to focus on customer needs and service levels.

Perhaps the most enlightening and useful information came from the sessions held with well over 200 of our users in groups of 20 or more at each session.

With your able guidance we began to set a direction and the strategy to move MSD from its present position to an organization which would be perceived as adding true value to our customer’s business processes.”

“I want to express appreciation for the exceptional class that you instructed at our corporate headquarters… The material that you talked about in your Customer Awareness and the 4C’s™ of Customer Service class has had an immediate impact on our organization.

I was extremely impressed with your animated style of portraying different customer service situations. This made it very easy for people to see and understand these situations from an outsider’s perspective. One main comment people said after your class was they could relate to these situations because they have been in the same type of situation.

We have decided to ask you to come back and teach this course on an annual basis. We feel that your course is an essential element to help us provide exceptional customer service in the future.”

“Please accept my thanks and appreciation for your contribution in creating a successful event. Your professionalism and expertise was very well received and appreciated by our attendees, as reflected in your outstanding evaluations from our conference attendees. Your presentation, How To Hold Customers In the Palm Of Your Hand, received a median score of 10 out of 10! Comments from attendees included: Kate was the best – entertaining, energetic and informative.”

“Kate has been extremely helpful.  This is what she took the time out of her New Year’s Day to do:  discuss my job search situation, gave me some excellent new directions and ideas to explore which I hadn’t considered before. Indeed, an encouraging way to start out the New Year.

Kate thanks for the good Karma, suggestions, insight, and encouragement. You have helped me to start off the New Year with renewed energy and purpose! And with the reassurance that this is the way to find real help when you need it.”

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