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How good are you at thanking customers? Simple thank yous are fine. Yet customers come back when they feel you truly value them. If you want to get better at thanking customers, try the following “because of you” statements.

Thanking Customers: Image is a banner saying because of you

Thanking Customers: Because of You …

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Try Thanking Customers With These “Because of You” Statements

Customers today want to know that you truly value them as well as their money. Instead of thanking customers with generic thank yous, thank them with these because of you statements!

Thank you customers! Because of you, we …

  • Learn & improve from your feedback.

  • Thrive in our business and our lives.

  • Innovate and evolve to the future.

  • See perspectives we handn’t seen before.

  • Become more compassionate of other’s needs.

  • Sustain our reputation through your remarkable expectations.

  • Gain opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have.

  • Expand our reach when you toot our horn.

  • Get to serve our fellow humans — including you — on this earth.

Thanking Customers: Image is "You Matter"

Thanking Customers — Tell them “You Matter!” Image licensed via

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In addition to giving customers a great experience, give them “because of you” thank yous to show them why and how they matter to you. Positive “you matter” connections build long term bonds of success.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Thanking Customers w/ These Because of You Statements || #CX #CustServ”

  1. Kate! Customers are like blood in a healthy body. In my dieses” Blood Cancer” I studied business models with humans body functions. Great similarities in both. As to keep the blood fresh is essential for the healthy body similarly to keep customers friendly is business success. Fair customers treatment is an art for successful business ownership. Smiling departure conforms the next visit.

  2. Alli Polin says:

    There was someone I worked with for years and they sent small gifts to good clients at holiday time. A few years ago they started making a donation to a charity that was selected by their clients and others that were meaningful to the business owners. As their customer, I was touched to learn more about them and the charities they selected and it was always accompanied by a heartfelt note which I appreciated more than any token they could send my way to say thanks.


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