The Creative Profit of Illogical Success

Book Review

What must a creative person do to turn their creativity into profit — in a society that sees it as illogical?  Western culture and business teach, emphasize, and laud left brain thinking. Yet creativity, thinking more from the right brain, leads to innovation which keeps business fresh and forward.

Illogical Success: Creative Path by Kimb Tiboni

Graphics artist and entrepreneur, Kimb Tiboni, tells you exactly how to do it. In Illogical Success she chronicles her living memoir of building a business from creativity.

This engaging book is more than a “how to” for hopeful entrepreneurs. Illogical Success will liberate anyone from the myth that planning and traditional logic is the only path to success.

As The People-Skills Coach™, I was drawn to Kimb’s business by her innate understanding of people and the people-skills approach to business success. I knew within 30 seconds the first time I spoke with her that she understood the essence of customer.

Her right brain ability to think and process context, emotion, shading, and estimation is applied to both artistic creation and interaction with customers. For artistic entrepreneurs, this is success.

Illogical Success Highlights

    Keep your sensors in the on position. Opportunities come not from your plan but from keen awareness and great interaction.
    Overcome the limits that left brain thinkers gave you as a child and use your creativity for artistry and business. Tap your creativity don’t trap it.
    Pamper your patience to create your artistry for left-brain customers!
    Manage your ego with steel toe designer boots when customers are not happy.

Illogical Success will appeal to diverse audiences.

It delivers inspiration, support and how to’s for parents who want to better guide their creative teenagers, for cutting edge educators who want proof that a creative path is not folly, and of course for budding artists who want to build and handle their own business instead of hiring a handler.

Whether you buy this book for yourself or as a holiday gift for creatives you know, it will create a new path and a new mark on life.

From my experience to your success,
Kate Nasser,The People-Skills Coach™

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9 Responses to “The Creative Profit of Illogical Success”

  1. Kimb Manson says:

    Thank you Kate for this wonderful review. As the book continues to sell I am fascinated by the different messages everyone is getting from it. This has truly been an fascinating journey, that has led me to develop relationships beyond the Client basis, and grow wonderful Friendships.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Well deserved Kimb. I realize you intended the book for creative artist “types” and it serves them well. Yet what I didn’t mention is that my left and right brain have been equally strong for years. In fact I usually joke that they vied for power over my life until I was about 30. Then they started to date and finally got married!

      Since my left brain could handle the demands that society made, it ruled for a long time. Yet I was very unhappy in my work life living as a left brainer. When I finally started my own business, my right brain strengths had more of a chance to live free and my life got much happier.

      So as I read your book, it touched me in ways that you had not intended. Bravo.

      • Kimb Manson says:

        Actually part of my hope is that anyone who wants to start in business of any type, can follow the simple laid out steps I took, and do so with little to no overhead. A lot of people do not realize that you can see your business dreams come true without breaking the bank, maybe a couple dips into the piggy bank, but is within reach. Today’s technology allows for so much Free advertising, Customer service leads to more Free referrals, and the SEO tips to land on Google top pages are priceless,

  2. Anne Egros says:

    Interesting book review Kate. Thanks for sharing.
    As an entrepreneur I feel torn between reason and intuition. I know even before talking with a potential client if the person will buy or not. Seems totally irrational right ? Maybe but I am right in 80% of the cases. If I have a conversation on the phone then the prediction accuracy increase to 99%. I think it is very important to have clear goals and an action plan though but at the same time I encourage people to listen to their gut feelings and search for serendipity. It is amazing when you go out there and meet people on social media or in person how many great ideas and opportunities you get that was not part of your initial plan.

    • Kimb Manson says:

      Very true Anne, intuition is an even more needed skill in today’s small business venture, more online, and a little less personal interaction, means you have to have strong senses to get a good feel. I have worked with over 88 Professional Speakers, and have yet to meet a client face to face. If it where not for instinct and trusting in it, I would not be doing what I am today.

  3. as i meandor through the comments i find myself asking…

    who was it that decided intuition wasn’t a logical process?

    our inner voice, which kimb describes so well in her new book, does not operate in a vacuum. we as humans are sensory beings constantly taking in the all that our senses experience. we are constantly processing and filtering this input on both a conscious and subconscious level at the same time and more often than not in real time.

    conscious and subconscious, are not mutually exclusive.

    i recall a story of a sculpture being sold as the original work of an italian master (don’t recall the artist). the piece was authenticated and certified. however, shortly there after one or more experts in the work of the italian masters had an opportunity to view the piece. in a matter of seconds the piece was declared a fraud and was eventually proven correct.

    was it intuition, sure, was it countless hours and years of exposure to the works of such italian masters, of course it was. experience is one of the many factors that can and does play a critical role in our own intuition.

    the incorporation of intuition in ones everyday life, both personal and business, is without a doubt a critical skill. a skill that can most definitely be mastered by anyone who is willing to put in the time.

    intuition (for me) is little more than the ability to listen without distraction to your inner voice and your inner thoughts. even still, without the ability to rely on your intuition, intuition is little more than a passing thought.

    the magic of intuition only happens when it is acted upon.

    kimb clearly has mastered her intuition, giving her clarity at a time in her business when most would be wrestling with their fears.

    most remarkably kimb has the ability to share her experience in a way that anyone capable of reading or hearing her story can easily begin to act on their intuition by following the simple steps kimb followed.

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