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Leaders and business owners often focus on sales revenue. On the surface, it is understandable. That’s what business is about — making money, right? Yet when you look at what customers want and don’t want, you see that their customer service experience today will determine whether you can sell them something more tomorrow. Here’s a recent story that illustrates this point.

Sales Revenue: Image is Dollar Signs Drawn Over Stick Figures of Humans

Tomorrow’s Sales Revenue Starts w/ Today’s Customer Service Experience.

Image by The SELC via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Tomorrow’s Sales Revenue Depends on Today’s Customer Service Experience

Bad service today, no sales tomorrow!

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Imagine what you think when you are the customer. If a business you buy from shows little interest or skill in resolving issues about your current purchase and in the same moment tries to sell you something more, what would you think?

  • This business is just money hungry. It doesn’t care about anything after the purchase.

  • This company is incapable of resolving issues that arise so I can’t trust them and buy more.

  • None of them care about making this easier for me. They don’t respect my time — only my money.

It Starts At the Top

When this is going on in businesses, look to the top and to organizational structure for the reasons why.

  • Customer service and sales are in different departments and led by different people. And in many cases, leaders and owners consider sales the number one focus. Moreover, the two departments work differently and don’t communicate with each other. Yet, the customers don’t care. In fact, they assume these departments are united. Tip: Close the gaps between service and sales!

  • Business owners and/or leaders do not provide customer service training on how to provide caring personalized service. They either believe that will slow things down and cost too much money or they believe the myth that these skills are inborn and don’t need training. In midsize and small businesses where the same people are doing sales and (poor) customer service, this lack of people skills training is clear.

  • You have managers and team leaders who don’t know how to train or inspire great service and sales.

Simple Actions Step for Sales Revenue & Great Service

Start communicating to your sales and customer service agents the motto we have used here today:

Tomorrow’s sales revenue depends on today’s great personalized customer service.

Then have them discuss how they are achieving this now, what stands in the way of achieving it every single time, and how to remove those obstacles. Make sure that this doesn’t become a gripe fest. Use real life customer service feedback and stories in your business to show what customer’s like about your service and what they don’t like. It keeps the session real and focused on making things better.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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