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For success with others, check if these toxic ingredients are ruining your communication. You may think that civility is all you need to communicate well. Yet, there is much more beyond being civil. Use this checklist to make sure these toxic ingredients don’t ruin your interactions with others.

Toxic Ingredients: Image is a grey cloud w/ tentacles

Toxic Ingredients That Ruin Your Communication. Image by KT.Ries via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by KT.Ries via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Remove These Toxic Ingredients From Your Communication!

  1. Labeling people. Even if the labels are not blatently insulting, they limit and box people in. Moreover, using them makes you look narrow-minded. Not a great image to have.

  2. Telling people how they feel or what they believe. Phrases like “I’m sure you agree with me” or “I’m sure you feel …” may sound harmless. Yet in many situations, they seem controlling and/or patronizing.

  3. Offering reasons why instead of apologizing for your mistakes. When people feel you have done them wrong, telling them why you did it is a huge and toxic mistake.

  4. Being defensive and unaccountable. Similar to the “reasons why” mistake, being defensive most of the time is one of the worst toxic ingredients in communication. People will avoid you to avoid being trapped in your immaturity.

  5. Dumping your emotion on others. Expressing emotion can be wonderful. Dumping it on others can make them confused and/or angry.

  6. Racism, sexism, ageism. These are the most toxic ingredients in communication. Be open to feedback on how you come across.

Improving Your Communication

Communication is how we connect with others. It involves great listening, emotional intelligence, and sensing other’s needs. If you want to communicate well all the time, make sure toxic ingredients don’t slip into your speech. Even if you are generally a great communicator, you can fall into toxic behaviors and ruin your image and relationships.

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Michal says:

    This is an interesting list. Thanks. Do you have a guide for how to learn to remove those toxic ingredients from communication?

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