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Reaching success takes a sense of urgency and true leaders create urgency without creating turmoil. Urgency moves everyone forward and turmoil has them running in circles or freezing in place. So how do true leaders create urgency without turmoil?

True Leaders: Image is quote "Urgency creates decision making"

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True Leaders Create Urgency Without Turmoil

Some people that leaders who show calm urgency are introverts. Not always true. Showing calm confidence instead of frenzied turmoil is not about personality type.

True leaders (introverts and extroverts) create a sense of calm urgency through the following tangible steps. Use this as a checklist to develop your leadership skills!

    The Opening Step

  1. Clear the fog. Communicate the vision. Show everyone the horizon. State the goals. Engage their ideas on how to get there. Engaging everyone’s knowledge, ideas, and talents builds their calm confidence.

  2. The All Important Steps

  3. Filter. Confident leaders prevent turmoil as they filter out irrelevant details and keep everyone laser focused on key issues. You and they can make quick decisions when you filter well. On the other hand, frenzy appears when people can’t tell what’s necessary and what isn’t.

  4. Be truthful and transparent. When people trust the leaders they can work urgently to reach the goals. On the other hand, mistrust creates turmoil.

  5. The Glue That Holds It All Together

  6. Know your people. You maintain their calm urgency when you know what they need. Some need more frequent communication. Others need to know they can come to you and you won’t label them as lazy.

  7. Make it OK to be human. True leaders remember that they are leading people and morale. Listen! Show them you care. Everyone can occasionally feel their knees buckle under pressure. Validate it and then help them find the strength they have to keep going.

True Leaders: She stood in the storm and adjusted her sails. ~ Elizabeth Edwards

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails. ~ Elizabeth Edwards

True Leaders Show Appreciation

When you and your teams reach the goals, remember to show appreciation for each person’s talents and resilience. Show them how their talents created the team success. Ask them what they learned about themselves and each other after coming through the tough moments.

Above all, right from the start, inspire people don’t frighten them. Leaders who like to lead through fear create turmoil to achieve it. Their insecurity revels in other’s needing them. Great for their ego but catastrophic to team success.

Which of these steps do you do well and which are more difficult for you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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