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An uncaring workplace creates many challenges that undermine performance, resilience, and retention of great employees. Yet this explanation is not always enough for many leaders and managers. As surprised as I am at this, I know that more specifics help them understand. So here are several uncaring workplace reasons to create a caring workplace.

Uncaring Workplace: Picture is a half ditched row boat.

Uncaring Workplace Reasons to Create a Caring Workplace. Image by loren chapman via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by loren chipman via Flickr Creative Commons license.

Uncaring Workplace Reasons to Create a Caring Workplace

Before we start the list, let’s clarify what a caring workplace is not. It isn’t a cradle where you baby employees nor an unfocused touchy feely place where people get paid to do nothing. A caring workplace is a place where employees feel appreciated, valued, and trusted. So the following list of uncaring workplace mistakes will illustrate why a caring workplace is so important.

  1. Unappreciated makes employees look elsewhere. Why would they stay working for you when it’s nothing but a paycheck?

  2. Ignored until something goes wrong. When leaders and managers don’t listen until there is a crisis, employees must work twice as hard because you didn’t care.

  3. Blamed but rarely recognized. Leaders and managers who lay blame but rarely offer credit take the joy out of showing up to work. How much good will they be to your business in that state of mind?

  4. No haven when there are problems outside of work. People’s lives can be stressful and difficult. Then when they picture going to a uncaring workplace, they can feel even hopeless. You won’t get top performance out of them!

  5. Tough projects break them. An uncaring workplace drains commitment and can-d0 attitudes. A caring workplace builds resilience. Which do you need from employees to succeed?

  6. No caring breeds toxic interactions. In a caring workplace where people trust each other, scuffles between employees float away. In uncaring settings, scuffles become major disagreements that you must resolve.

  7. Everyone looks out for themselves. When employees feel you don’t care, they stop caring about others too. You won’t get much teamwork with this culture.

  8. Turnover becomes the norm. This may not sound bad when you first read this. Yet turnover can become a revolving door. This is high cost and low productivity.


Uncaring workplaces are a breeding ground for low morale that you cannot rebuild. Replace any fears you have about a caring workplace being unproductive with the truth that an uncaring workplace will destroy your business. The customers will be able tell as the uncaring apathetic attitudes seep toward them. Moreover, you may discover what the uncaring workplace culture has done when you are suddenly in the midst of a business crisis. Don’t get caught in this surprise. Create a caring workplace culture!

How have appreciation and trust helped you at work?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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