Numerous Ways Smart Leaders Foolishly Minimize Employees | #Leadership

To minimize employees is to minimize their contributions and the organization’s success. So why and how do smart leaders foolishly minimize employees?

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Numerous Ways Smart leaders Foolishly Minimize Employees

Even smart leaders sometimes and foolishly minimize employees because:

  • The leaders’ sole focus on results drives them to ignore the people that created them. Foolish mistake!

  • They fear the employees will eclipse them. (Even people with high IQs have fears.) Remember that the sign of great leaders is greatness in those they lead.

  • They believe the old myth that employee recognition breeds prima donnas and non-team players. Bury this myth and embrace the new generations! They thrive on recognition.

10 Ways You May Foolishly Minimize Employees

  1. Bully and berate their innovative ideas. This is a very foolish step if you want them to keep innovating.

  2. Sarcastically criticize who they are. Demeaning people doesn’t make them work harder for you. You’re sinking success.

  3. Ignore them and their needs. Great leaders know that communication and relationships are key to success.

  4. Tell them they are empowered and then micro-manage them. This minimizes their initiative. Foolish mistake. Now what will you do to spark performance?

  5. Set unrealistic goals and then slam employees when they fall short. Great leaders make sure the brass ring is within reach. Provide resources, training, and insight through major obstacles.

  6. Focus every moment on you instead of them. Egotism is foolish. Leadership is about serving others! Don’t minimize employees.

  7. Engage in sexist and racial bias. This insidious practice minimizes employees and drives them out of your company into better opportunities at your competition. Unearth and eliminate your implicit biases.

  8. Accuse instead of mentor. All you’ve done is, why didn’t you, you should have. These accusations minimize employees. Don’t accuse. Accusing minimizes; mentoring magnifies.

  9. Turn them into clones of you and each other. This minimizes the very talent you hired. Remember, shared goals don’t require sameness. Don’t silence employees’ uniqueness. Celebrate how it contributes to the whole.

  10. Never acknowledge individual contributions. General remarks like “good job team” seem careless and fall short. They overlook and minimize the individual efforts it takes to create team results. If you give individual correction, you better give individual recognition too! It’s a new era. Don’t live in the past.

How can leaders build their confidence to avoid minimizing those they lead?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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3 Responses to “Numerous Ways Smart Leaders Foolishly Minimize Employees | #Leadership”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    Each one I found myself nodding along. Unfortunately, at one time or another, I’ve seen all of these in action. My hope is that the people on my teams have never felt or experienced these from me in the past. It’s easy to be blind to our behaviors and it’s critical that when people read posts like this one they take an honest look at their leadership.

    Will share!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thank you Alli. Leaders’ self-awareness and willingness to see what they are doing in everyday ways can transform the interactions and results with those they lead.

      Grateful as always for your frank input.

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