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What is your view of arrogant leaders? Do you overlook their arrogance if they get results? If yes, you may be overlooking what arrogant leaders really do to organizations. Consider the following list before you dismiss their arrogance and keep them in the leadership position.

Arrogant leaders: Pictoquote saying Arrogance kills curiosity and passion. Mina Bissell

Don’t be arrogant leaders. Arrogance kills curiosity and passion. ~ Mina Bissell

What Arrogant Leaders Really Do to Others

If your view of an organization is purely based on leaders’ results, these slow-to-reveal effects of arrogant leaders will one day hit you in the face.

Arrogant Leaders …

  1. Repel others because they don’t like or accept themselves.

  2. Can’t connect others because they are afraid to show vulnerability.

  3. Arrogant leaders: Pictoquote that says vulnerability is the bridge to connection.

    Arrogant leaders disconnect because they are afraid to be vulnerable.

    Image quote from Overlyxclusive

  4. Create a culture of excuses because they rarely are accountable themselves.

  5. Abandon other’s needs as they focus on themselves.

  6. Develop clones and foster bias as they select and approve of only those who are like them.

  7. Silence others through their insecurity-driven outbursts.

  8. Wield power vs. empower because they fear more competent people will outshine them.

  9. Stand still in ignorance vs. continuously learning and thus they put everyone and the business at risk.

  10. Minimize others by comparing everyone’s weakness to their strengths.

  11. Instill groupthink because they can’t handle healthy disagreement.

  12. Promote “yes-people” as their egos crave approval and flattery.

  13. Lead the organization in the wrong direction because they rarely listen.

  14. Bully & demean people believing it demonstrates strength. (It doesn’t.)

  15. Destroy passion and curiosity.

  16. Crush respect and trust.

Summary and Call to Action

While arrogant leaders wallow in their selfish insecurity, the culture of the organization deteriorates. Instead of having respected well-liked leaders who engage and inspire, you end up with a scarred workplace filled with discontent and mistrust.

If you have the authority to get coaching for arrogant leaders or replace them, do it. Their arrogance is destructive. If you can’t, then hold on to your self-esteem as you look for a better leader to work for!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “What Arrogant Leaders Really Do to Organizations | #Leadership #PeopleSkills”

  1. Amber Ogle says:

    I appreciated your list of what an arrogant leader can do to an organization. For me personally, the culture of excuses is the most difficult to get past. Benjamin Franklin once said “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else!”

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Amber,
      I so agree with your focus on the excuses. It is maddening and disrespectful to listen to it and live it. And thanks for the Ben Franklin quote!

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