What’s Our Super Glue of Customer Experience?

Ever ask your customer service reps what do the customers think is a great experience? Regardless of your industry, the CSRs are close to the customers’ honest opinions. If you give them a chance, they could answer the question:

What’s Our Super Glue of Customer Experience? 

What's Our Super Glue of Customer Experience Image by:Abhishek Jacobs

Here is some of the super glue of customer experience …

  1. Being remembered beyond the name. When customers’ preferences are recalled in real time — not just noted in a database that the customers completed themselves — there is a sense of belonging.
  2. Easy to do business with. The definition of easy varies by customer base including generations, occupational focus, educational background. Everything online may seem easy to one generation and maddening to another. Nonetheless, easy will always be at the top of the list.
  3. Flexibility! When company procedures can flex and bend to the customers’ needs, customers experience the ultimate in care. Why? Because it fits them, their lives, and their businesses. It’s obstacle free.
  4. Be top notch! Know your customer base and deliver the best product or service in their eyes. There is debate on this in light of Steve Jobs’ alternate approach to product development. I see both approaches working. Consider how people rebelled when new Coke was introduced — and they brought back Coke classic.
  5. Prevent disasters. Customers are glad when you don’t have problems in delivering service. They are elated when your knowledge, experience, and foresight, prevent disasters in their business or life.

  6. Deliver welcome surprises. In everyday life, customers rely on themselves. When they must reach out, they wonder what will happen. When the happening is beyond their expectations, the experience shines.
  7. Memorable in uncommon ways. Quick story: I go for a yearly mammogram. I ask for the same technician each time because her interpersonal skills and sense of humor turn a stressful dreaded ritual into a memorable experience. She makes a difference. I could go to a center closer to my house yet I might end up with Rhonda the compression robot. I’ll pass on that thanks. (See you next year Flo!)

Do you know what your customers think? Would you get the same answers from all your teams? From the customers?

What is our super glue of customer experience? This one simple question can begin the discussion that will unite understanding and produce outstanding customer experience.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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5 Responses to “What’s Our Super Glue of Customer Experience?”

  1. Kimb Manson says:

    Great points as Always Kate, I would also like to up the ante and say these are great ways for business to interact with each other. The world needs so much more of simple actions, and they truly are simple, but so many find them hard to do.

  2. I really agree with your first point here. Using a customer’s name is huge with them but remembering the things from the previous visits such as food preferences, or a story they told will really go a long way in personalizing their interactions.

  3. Adam Toporek says:

    Hi Kate,

    This is a good question to ask CSR’s and a great list of answers! I think when you combine your three points of consistency (i.e. prevent disasters), flexibility, and welcome surprises, you have a great formula for “super glue.”

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