Disrespect People: When Are We Most Likely To? #PeopleSkills #Leadership

When we disrespect people, we create scars that linger. Disrespect crushes trust and creates feelings of revenge. Basically, it changes future interactions for the worse despite our intentions. In leadership, disrespect destroys morale. It tears teams apart. With customers, it destroys your business. And in society, it creates divisions that can take generations to heal. So it is key that we consider when are we most likely to disrespect people and then prevent it.

Disrespect People: Image is the word disrespect typed on a manual typewriter.

When Are You Most Likely to Disrespect People? Image by Trending Topics via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Trending Topics via Flickr Creative Commons License.

When Are We Most Likely to Disrespect People?

Sometimes we don’t mean to disrespect others. However, it still affects others. Intended or not, disrespect is very harmful to everybody.

    Disrespect People Through Lack of Knowledge

  1. Cultural differences. Learn about other cultures. This prevents disrespect. Body language and customs vary.

  2. Significant events. In society, in families, and at work, big events shape how people interpret your words and actions. Keep up with what is happening so you won’t disrespect people. Timing matters!

  3. Who’s who. When you start a new job you may not know the head leader or business owner. You also need to learn about your co-workers to avoid disrespecting them with lack of knowledge.

  4. In Moments of …

  5. Awkwardness. This might sound funny but it’s true. Sometimes when people feel awkward, they say stupid things that disrespect others. Learn your own pattern and then prevent it.

  6. Fear. Panic and fear can produce disrespectful words.

  7. Disagreement. Remember, disagree on issues vs. disrespecting each other.

  8. Verbal Conflict and Anger. Suggest a pause to all those involved to prevent disrespect.

  9. When People …

  10. Don’t do what they promise. Those you affect see this as disrespectful.

  11. Think they are better than others. Looking down on others is disrespect in motion.

  12. Are arrogant and don’t want to learn. When you stop learning, you will disrespect others.

  13. Live the prejudice they learned. Grow out of old prejudice so you won’t disrespect people.

  14. View life as win/lose. Respect is about treating all people with basic human decency. Win/lose breeds disrespect.

  15. Live with a shortage mentality. It’s far better to see that an abundance of respect yields abundance for everybody.

  16. Are blunt. Bluntness is emotion-packed and generally disrespects others. Being blunt to others is not a privilege you can assume. It is a privilege someone else must grant you. If not, be honest with care not blunt and hurtful.

  17. Hold tight to traditional roles they are likely to disrespect those who are changing. People of color and women experience this disrespect as they step out of the old stereotypes.

  18. Are hungry for power and control over others. History is full of examples of this. And this goes beyond disrespect to much, much worse.

Awareness & Desire Can Change It All

So let us all combine self-awareness with desire to show respect to all humans. We share this world and it will be better for all if we do it with decency and respect for everyone.

Your Turn: What other moments would you add to this list?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Disrespect People: When Are We Most Likely To? #PeopleSkills #Leadership”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    Great list, Kate! I think it also happens when you raise the bar to a level of perfection that’s unattainable. We often hold others to a standard that not only we can’t meet but no one can. We need to leave room for people to do their best and still learn and grow. Perfection happens but it’s not because we’re always flawless…

    Will share, Kate!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Very interesting perspective Alli — that we disrespect others when we expect perfection. Learning and growing is far better for sure.

      Thank you!

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