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Resisting or even arguing against workplace inclusion is rather useless. One simple truth will always overcome it:

Everything and everybody needs a starting chance.

You included.

Others opened the door for you!

Workplace Inclusion: Image is large glass sphere w/ different colors.

Workplace Inclusion: Champion the Start! Image by Bradley Huchteman via Flickr.

Image by Bradley Huchteman via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Workplace Inclusion: A Starting Story

I was watching a painting show on Create TV. The painter/instructor was teaching how Van Gogh painted. As he explained it, I flashed back to my college freshman arts class. On the first day of class, I had to write reviews on the current art installation. My major was Mathematics and I didn’t have a clue about art. I didn’t even know what words you use to describe paintings. If I had a mentor — even for just a few moments — to give me a starting view on how artists think, I could have written something more than “I like it.”

Intelligence alone is not enough to succeed. A starting chance — a reference point — is key to rising to the challenge. Yeast needs a starting agent to make it rise. Milk needs a starter to turn into delicious yogurt. Your current success evolved from the starting chance people gave you.

Why Do the “INs” Fight Workplace Inclusion?

  • Fear. They believe the more people you include, the tougher it is to succeed.

  • Greed. They want everything. Equal opportunity is not in their life’s view.

  • Protecting Their Dominance. They feel powerful and see workplace inclusion as a threat.

Arguments Against Workplace Inclusion & Why They Fail

  • Inclusion isn’t fair. You should hire the most qualified. This is based on the fallacy that leaders and managers hire people purely on qualifications. They don’t. These 9 biases affect hiring and promotions. They exclude talent and undermine success of the company.

  • I worked hard and now they are including people who know less than I do. Again, this is based on the myth that your hard work alone created your success. Someone gave you a starting chance. People opened the door for you. They initially accepted you and your success expanded with them.

There are many benefits to workplace inclusion. Company growth, less turnover, and discovering talents that benefit the business are the most obvious. So don’t let fear, weak arguments, and unconscious bias block the benefits of diversity and workplace inclusion!

Use this checklist to see if you are uncomfortable with diversity!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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