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Workplace teamwork depends on how well each team member knows themselves. We often talk about team members getting to know each other. And yes, that’s important. Yet really knowing yourself is even more important in preventing misunderstandings and conflict with team members. So if you want to boost your success, search for the following self-awareness discoveries.

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Self-Awareness Discoveries Essential to Great Workplace Teamwork

  1. Personality type. Knowing your own personality type empowers you to see how you come across to others. As you moderate any of your extremes, you lead and work better with others.

  2. Learning style. Do you learn best through what you see, or hear, or try or a combination? Picture how this can impact teams working on a pressured project. Learning style matters!

  3. Past scars. You may think that your past is over. Yet, past scars can jump out and attack your teammates (or those you lead.) When you are aware of your scars and how they still affect you, you can try to stop them from surprising others. Alternatively, you can quickly apologize when they do affect others.

  4. And for workplace teamwork don’t forget …

  5. Your values. Why you work? What do you expect each day?

  6. How you want people to show you respect. It could be in how they speak to you, how close/far they stand near you, not touching your things without permission, etc…

  7. How you behave / feel when others belittle you. Many struggles between team members start in sarcastic moments, passive aggressive digs, or direct insults.

  8. Pet peeves. The big or little things that really get under your skin. One of the exercises I do when team building is the pet peeve exercise. It is very effective!

Discover These Aspects of Yourself!

Whether you want to be a leader, a great team member, or a business owner, discover these seven components noted above. Self-awareness frees you to grow, explore, and perform in any pursuit. It has been a huge advantage to me in my thirty years of business AND the discovery continues.

How has self-awareness lifted you up in your life & career?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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  1. Randy Clark says:

    Good post, I especially like you listed learning style. I might add communication preferences as well.

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