Kate Nasser beyond cetificationInformation Technology (IT) support teams and project teams face specific customer service and teamwork challenges. Their work is highly structured yet people interaction is not. The organization tends to be siloed yet what they need to produce is not.

Because of this, many people assume that IT professionals cannot engage easily in cross-teamwork or deliver outstanding customer service. Hogwash! IT pros are very capable of learning outstanding service and teamwork skills and delivering unparalleled results.

How do you develop your technical team’s people skills brilliance?

With this participative IT Service and Teamwork workshop of proven results. It goes beyond the typical certification training approach and builds breakthrough customer service and teamwork skills across all IT teams. You will see them use their brilliance in customer service and teamwork just as they do in the technical challenges — all with superior results.

In this workshop you and your teams will:

  • Apply the 4C’sTM of customer service to IT service and teamwork.
  • Connect to business customers’ needs using The techie’s translation grid.
  • Write emails that a business person will read, reply to, and appreciate!
  • Learn to stop email wars.
  • Explore cross-cultural and cross-generational etiquette (phone, face-to-face, online).
  • Discover the most effective definition of team you will ever use.
  • Build teamwork across IT teams to meet business needs.
  • Develop listening skills to handle the toughest customer and teammate!
  • Spot and adapt to different personality types – secret to service and teamwork!
  • Absorb the definitive guide on handling 13 difficult situations and customers.
  • Master objective caring!
  • Develop consultative skills: identify what customers need/want, reduce scope-creep, and suggest alternatives – all before you design/code a system!

4C’s™ of customer service is a trademark of Kate Nasser, Somerville, NJ 08876 USA.

Why engage this workshop with Kate Nasser, The People Skills CoachTM?

Kate is a former techie with a BS Mathematics. She earned a Masters in Organizational Psychology. Kate combines her technical left brain ability with her right brain people-skills to transform IT service and teamwork. She has loads of credibility and experience with technical teams. You don’t even have to translate your technical jargon when working with her!

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