This intensive workshop builds interpersonal customer service skills to deliver the ultimate customer service experience face-to-face, on the phone, and online!  

You will brainstorm, role play, and totally infuse in the customer experience using true life examples from your environment.

Formats Available:

One-day, two-day (to allow for more in session pratice), half-day for selected topics.

Video-conferenced: When travel is not possible or travel budgets are tight, this workshop can be delivered live via distance learning video-conferencing.

Professional Objective Caring

  • The CARE™ Model – 4 steps to success with every customer
  • How to understand the customer’s view and work with it not around it
  • Identifying customer stress to build your empathy
  • Showing professional objective caring & empathy
  • Staying positive during tough times
  • Killer phrases to avoid and what to use instead
  • Summary of objective caring guidelines and a few rules that work!


Professional Customer Service People Skills Behavior

  • The 4C’s™ of customer service and how to apply them
  • Characteristics of outstanding customer service and how to achieve them
  • The complete picture: phases of interacting with the customer
  • Greeting the customer (in person, on the phone, via email)
  • Redirecting customers to appropriate resources (vs. “not my job” response)
  • In person and telephone etiquette and body language tips
  • Tone of voice: what it means, why it matters, adapting appropriately
  • Active Listening: Assessing the customer’s listening style and adapting to it
  • Active Listening: Overcoming listening barriers – yours and theirs
  • Active Listening: Handling the toughest customer and teammate
  • Handling truly unreasonable expectations
  • Spotting and adapting to customer’s personality type (critical to customer service success)
  • Identifying the business problem as well as the reported problem to be solved (essential to success)
  • Follow-through/follow-up – the difference, the importance, and the approach
  • Service Recovery: How to respond to complaints of bad service and missed SLAs
  • Handling 13 types of difficult customers (irate, abusive, know-it-all, to name a few)
  • Writing emails that your customers will read, respond to, and appreciate
  • How to stop email wars and ensure you never inadvertently start one


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