Your teams have greater challenges than ever before in turning diversity into collaboration to meet business goals.  The multi-cultural global economy and multi-generational workplace present team building and teamwork challenges that go beyond what most were trained to handle.

My team building workshops turn global multi-cultural & multi-generational team diversity into collaborative success for business profits.

Engage These Team Building Workshops:

You can achieve these specific and tangible teamwork improvements:

  • Gelling a team more quickly after a major change
  • Communicating inter-culturally – the secret to global team success!
  • Collaboration among different personality types
  • Teamwork between teams: organizational productivity
  • The most productive and winning definition of teamwork
  • Everyday activities to turn diversity into compatibility and collaboration
  • Developing the skill of change-ability for success on ad hoc and virtual teams
  • Breakthrough thinking: simple effective ways to overcome assumptions
  • Leader/follower behavior: defining your team’s winning approach

Getting Started:

I will listen to your current team building challenges and what you want to achieve.  A quick questionnaire for each team member to complete and I construct and deliver a team building workshop for your success.


At your site or an off-site location near you.  Your choice.
Contact me to discuss your needs and your team will be collaborating better than ever before!

Why me?

25+ years of experience building teams and MA Organizational Psychology.